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San Marino It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy spectacular scenery in any corner. If you like natural tourism, you will undoubtedly be in an ideal place to enjoy it thanks to its mountains, hills, waters ... without neglecting the great attraction that the city also has, one of the most charming it has ever seen.

If you are considering travel to San Marino Or you have already decided, take note of the most interesting that you can find in the city (in addition to the natural landscapes, of course):

government palace: It is neo-Gothic in style and many tourists gather there to witness the changing of the guard (obviously, it is not as spectacular as the one at Buckinham Palace but it is worth it).

State museum: It is very close to the Government Palace and there you can find a large collection of both works of art and some of the most important archaeological finds in the country.

Emigration Museum: offers a walk through all the history of San Marino and its inhabitants.

San Francisco museum: it is in a medieval cloister, which in itself is a fascinating landscape. In it there is a gallery of sacred art from the contemporary era, in addition to a collection with various photographs, paintings and sculptures.

Basilica of San Marino: There are many churches, all of them beautiful, but without a doubt this one stands out above all. It has a Marinus relic and was built in the 16th century by the Cappucin friars, who also administered it for many years.

Medieval Center: It is what I like most about the city and it is perfectly preserved. There you will discover several narrow and steep streets that give a charming aspect to the whole area, in addition to several old houses that are also very interesting. The movement of vehicles is prohibited on these streets.

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