10 mistakes that every traveler should avoid

Traveling is a pleasureAlthough things do not always come out to be asked for. We travelers make mistakes that we learn over the years, so it never hurts to consult information like the one I share with you below.

There are certain errors that will be familiar to you because they are very typical and do not depend on the type of trip you are going to do, but others are not so obvious and it is good to keep them in mind to avoid them. Shall we get going?

Failure to book flights and accommodation well in advance

Leaving things until the last minute is never recommended, especially when it comes to traveling. Why? Well, because it will touch you pay more for a plane ticket or for a hotel reservation. In addition, you may also not be able to book the accommodation you had in mind because you have waited too long and rooms are no longer available.

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Prepare the suitcase at the last minute

This other mistake is also related to leaving for tomorrow what you can do today. A suitcase prepared at the last minute is dangerous, especially when a essentials list that they cannot stay on the ground for anything in the world. You run the risk of experiencing an unpleasant situation, especially when it comes to things as serious as leaving medications that you can hardly get elsewhere because you don't have a prescription.

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Traveling with excess weight

Getting informed is essential, since otherwise the trip may be more expensive than you thought. An example? Suitcases that weigh more than allowed by the company. The excess baggage It has a cost that is not exactly low.

Do not take advantage of free activities

This, more than a mistake, is a missed opportunity. Why pay for something when you can enjoy it for free? Find out about free activities that can be done, such as visiting a museum or a church on a certain day of the month or week.

Plan difficult routes to comply

When we plan a trip our expectations are sky high. We want to do absolutely everything and we are not aware that time is limited. That is a mistake, especially when it comes to a route that takes you to travel many kilometers and spend each night in a different place. Avoid it as much as possible, especially if you travel with children. They do not have as much patience as you and they do not want to live a vacation that involves sticking out their tongues at all hours.

Do not pay attention to the recommendations of other travelers

I think it is increasingly important to look at the recommendations of other travelers who have been in the place you want to visit. They, more than a travel agency that will sell you everything as very beautiful, can give you many clues with their negative and positive feedback about a restaurant, a beach, a hotel ... Ideally, you should read a significant amount of comments in order to draw reliable conclusions.

Do not carry cash

I don't know about you, but I'm one of those who goes through life without cash. Nothing happens in my city because I know where the ATMs are and in almost all shops I can pay by card, but that cannot be said with such certainty in countries such as Thailand, where it is not so common to come across a dataphone.

Ignore the climate of the country you are going to visit

bed-with-mosquito net
I return to the lack of information, this time to refer to the weather. You can be hot or cold by not looking at the temperature in your vacation destination. In fact, you can even go home with dozens of pecking on the legs and arms for not knowing that you were going to an area full of mosquitoes and not having a repellent on hand.

Skip the travel insurance

We all dream of a perfect vacation, but the truth is that things can get complicated at any time. So I always recommend take out good travel insurance, especially if you are traveling with children. In addition, it is also good to have the possibility of cancel a trip without this entailing the loss of money invested in airline tickets or hotel reservations.

Buy souvenirs in the first days

We know that you love your family very much, but don't be in a hurry to buy souvenirs. You will be loaded the entire trip and it is likely that over the days you will find the same souvenirs that you have seen at the best price.

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