Harry Potter Theme Park in London

Last year the "life" of Harry Potter and many of his fans were saddened to see that the young wizard would not return. However, since last month there is a perfect place for all your stalwarts: the Harry Potter Theme Park in London. A park where you can relive the magic of his films and be in the perfect reproductions of some of the settings from all his films.

The park is located in Leavesden Studios, at outskirts of london and very close to Watford, and Warner Bros. is in charge of managing it. In their construction they invested just over 100 million euros to be able to remodel all their facilities and thus shape the park, in addition to also leaving many areas that will be worth for future filming.

Two of the studio sets are intended for attraction "The making of Harry Potter", which will be where all fans can discover all the secrets of the famous movie saga. These sets are the ones that were actually used for the recording of all the films, so it will be a fantastic opportunity for all your followers to feel more than ever that they are part of it.

The park occupies a total of about 14,000 square meters and one of its great attractions is the "Big room", which is where all the Hogwarts students met for lunch or for school meetings. All the elements that were in the movies are in this room in the park, such as the long oak and pine tables, the benches, the thrones for the teachers ...

You can also visit other areas where there is original sets from movies, like Professor Dumbledore's office (the director of Hogwarts) or the Ministry of Magic. In addition, there are exhibitions with elements that have gone through the series such as costumes, decorative elements, etc. Finally, in an attraction you can discover how special effects were used to turn a world of magic into something very real.

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