The Freedom Tower in New York

The Freedom Tower in New York It is the new construction that has been carried out in the place where the Twin Towers were and that disappeared with the attacks of September 11, 2011. That area is one of the most visited places in the city, with what this tower will quickly become one of the most photographed buildings in the world. It is not yet fully finished but it is known that it will become the tallest building in the city.

Will be opened in 2013 since there are still many things to finish it, currently being 381 meters high but still missing a few, which makes it not only the highest in the city but also taller than the Twin Towers. A tribute "in style" for all those people who unfortunately became victims of a brutal attack that undoubtedly changed the history of that country.

It will be located at «1WTC», the initials of World Trade Center, which is what the Twin Towers were called. Its final height will be 541 meters, spread over 104 floors and just behind the Burj Dubai tower in the East. There will be almost 250,000 square meters of space for offices and its design is very futuristic since it looks square but as it gains height it seems to be rotating, so it is very beautiful and original.

The Freedom Tower (which translates as "Freedom Tower"), construction began after much debate about what should be built on a site that was the epicenter of so much damage that was done to the United States. Many people wanted nothing to be built and the site to simply be left empty, proposals were also made to make different monuments in tribute to the victims, but finally it was decided to rebuild offices. Nothing better to make it clear that there is no fear than putting back what was there before.

One World Trade Center full video 2015 (HD+) (September 2020)

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