Gastronomy of Bolivia

Without a doubt the gastronomy It is a factor to keep in mind when we go to visit any city or country, being very important to always be able to taste local products to know the different flavors and textures. The perfect trip is one in which you not only discover spectacular places but also delve into local gastronomy to be able to fully enjoy it.

Today I would like to focus on the gastronomy of Bolivia and in all the flavors and culinary riches that you can discover there, with influences from other gastronomies and with really curious traditions. Take note of the most interesting of the Bolivian gastronomy:

- The most remarkable thing is that it is a combination of several indigenous ancient traditions, which add to the ingredients that the Spanish brought during the conquest of the country. This fusion leaves spectacular dishes such as “humita” or Marinated chicken.

- The traditional cuisine It is so ingrained in this country that big fast food brands like McDonalds have never been very successful. In fact, a few years ago they had to close because people preferred traditional restaurants. Anyway, you can find some all over the country.

- There are many typical dishes that you should try during your visit to this country, such as pickled chicken, peanut soup, lagua de choclo, silpancho (a delight based on rice, potatoes, meat and fried eggs), chicken sajta (a kind of stew ), picana (typical at Christmas time), fricassee or rice pudding.

- As for drinks, the most popular is chicha, an alcoholic drink that is made with fermented corn and that has a high alcohol content. You can also find other very popular drinks like local beers or wines.

A gastronomic revolution in Bolivia (February 2023)

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