Red-eye flights

It is called red eye flights to air travel of a certain duration that takes place late at night. The term became popular because of the fatigue that travelers feel in this type of travel. They are usually scheduled around midnight, which causes many passengers to suffer a certain stress due to lack of sleep. The flight reaches its destination usually early (in the morning) and passengers experience some drowsiness.

Many of the passengers they end up having red eyes due to tension. However, red-eye flights don't always have to be that bad, as long as some simple precautions are followed. Today we give you some suggestions that will help you avoid effects of red eyes on night flights. Take note:

- drink a lot Water or fresh fruit juices. The basic idea here is to stay hydrated so you don't feel so drained.

- Your body can be tired but your mind will be awake, so when you reach your destination stay away from any temptation to go to bed and go straight to sleep. Instead, start the work you had planned to do before you got on the plane.

- If there is no schedule Working, then use the time to exercise or go exploring the new city. You can go shopping or sightseeing, to keep you alert and awake.

- You should try keep the same hours.


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