How much does it cost to bill a surfboard?

If you are one of those who is willing to travel thousands of kilometers surfing in the best places in the worldYou should be clear about what the airlines will charge you for billing your table, since sometimes quite high amounts are charged for this, although luckily there are also airlines that allow you to check them in at no cost in certain cases.

Take note of what I tell you below because you will have a very clear idea of ​​what it costs to travel with the surfboard in tow.

Air berlin

Unless you have chosen the rate JustFly, you can check in the surfboard as the first piece of luggage for free as long as it does not exceed 23 kilos. In addition, with the tariff Flyflex You can also include it free of charge as a second piece of luggage.

Air Europe

It is not cheap, and you have no options to resort to a special rate to escape what they will charge you. They are nothing more and nothing less than 150 euros per team and per trip, so it's enough to think twice.

air France

If the surfboard you are traveling with does not exceed 107 centimeters in length, you can rest easy because you won't have to pay a single euro. Things change when it does exceed that length, since they apply a charge that varies depending on the area. You will pay 50 or 100 euros depending on the place of origin (from a non-European country 50 euros are paid and from a European country 100 euros are paid).



Carrying it is free if it weighs less than 23 kilos and it measures less than two meters. Things change when those limits are exceeded, since you have to pay 75 euros for flights through Europe and North Africa and $ 260 for the rest of the world ($ 200 if it is to the United States).

British Airways

It is free as long as it weighs less than 23 kilos and does not exceed 190 × 75 cm dimension. If this is not the case, you will pay between 43 and 150 euros, something that will depend on the contracted rate.

Delta Air Lines

It is free up to 107 centimeters in length, but those that move between 107 and 292 centimeters in length have a charge of 105 euros for any flight except Brazil, which is priced at $ 100.


You will pay 35 euros if you request it online and 45 euros if you request it at the airport. It cannot weigh more than 32 kilos.



Up to two pieces of 23 kilos in Economy class and up to two pieces of 32 kilos in First class and Business class can be transported free of charge as long as they do not exceed 150 centimeters in width, length and height. If they are exceeded, the surcharge is $ 175 per piece.


It is one of the companies that makes it worse, since they charge 150 euros each way. On domestic flights from Brazil you pay $ 60 and on flights from America, Nigeria and Israel it is $ 150.


It is free if you do not exceed 23 kilos in weight or 107 centimeters in length. Otherwise you have to pay depending on the area: Europe, North Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, Bahrain and Kuwait 55 euros, the United States and Canada $ 210 ($ 150 if it is from the United States or Canada) and the rest of the world 100 euros.


If the table does not exceed two meters in length, 50 euros are paid on continental flights and 100 euros on intercontinental flights. If the table exceeds two meters in length, 100 euros are paid on continental flights and 200 euros on intercontinental flights.


You pay 25 euros if online reservations and 60 euros if you book at the airport as long as the surfboard to be checked does not weigh more than 20 kilos.


Qatar Airways

Free unless you exceed 23 kilos.


You pay 50 euros if you book online and 60 euros if you book at the airport as long as the surfboard to be checked does not weigh more than 20 kilos.

Swiss International Air Lines

On continental flights 50 euros are paid if the table does not exceed 2 meters in length, while on intercontinental flights 100 euros are paid under the same conditions.


Are paid 45 euros as long as the board does not weigh more than 32 kilos.

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