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The Fiji Islands They are one of the great paradises for lovers of "sun and beach" thanks to a set of 322 islands and some 522 islets, all in the Pacific Ocean and forming the state called the Republic of Fiji. Of the islands, only 106 are inhabited, and the rest are totally virgin and perfect for enjoying a quiet day in the sun. The two largest islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, which together comprise more or less 85% of the total population of the islands.

On the island of Viti Levu There is the capital, Suva, although the most populous city is Nasinu, with about 90,000 inhabitants and which is also the largest and home to the main soccer team, Nasinu F.C. The main tourist resorts are on the Viti Levu coast and you can find them of all kinds and prices.

The climate in the Fiji islands is Warm and wet and between November and April it tends to rain frequently, although the annual average temperature is very good since it is around 25ºC. In any case, the climate can vary greatly from one island to another, and in the eastern ones there are more possibilities of rain while in the western ones it is warmer and the environment is drier.

The gastronomy in these islands it has a lot of influence from that of other countries so a spectacular mix is ​​achieved. The countries with the most presence at the culinary level are Polynesia, India or China, in addition to several countries in the West. The ingredients that are used the most for its main dishes are fish, coconut, rice, sweet potato, cassava and bread. As for the typical dishes, the "Lovo" is the most famous and the one most used on special occasions. It is a preparation of meat, fish or vegetables that is wrapped in a banana leaf that is cooked on hot stones.

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