Cabo de Gata Natural Park

In HardHobbitToBreak We always like to be able to offer you travel tips and recommend spectacular places around the world. One of the things I like to write about the most is about natural environments, whether they are paradisiacal beaches, mountains or natural parks. That is what I will write today, specifically the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, one of the most beautiful in our country.

It is in the southwest of the Almería province And there you can discover a truly spectacular natural environment. A unique landscape thanks to the combination of the sea, the mountains, the salt flats and the cliffs. In addition, there is a flora and fauna of great value and which has been more than earned having been named a Biosphere Reserve. This Natural Park is one of the driest ecosystems in Europe and has great biodiversity thanks to its climate, which allows it to achieve very particular habitats.

In the Cabo de Gata Natural Park you can find more than 1,000 plant species that you can only see here, in addition to many more that are also in other places. Some of the species that you can see are crabs, octopuses, corals, stilts, ducks, flamingos, birds of prey and a lot of mammals, all of them in different areas depending on the conditions of each of them.

One of the great attractions of the place is its geomorphology, with reliefs that were carved with the wind and the other weather conditions that existed in the park. The most notable are the lava flows, the fossil beaches (spectacular) and all the volcanic elements that you can find and that thanks to their varied colors form an incredible landscape. Mesa Roldán and Punta de los Muertos are two of the areas of the park that visitors like the most thanks to the landscape they offer.

There are also several beaches, some of them in urban areas and another in more virgin but equally spectacular settings. In urban areas you can find Aguamarga and San José, while more distant (and quiet) are those of The Genoveses or Mónsul's. If you like the coves, the Carnaje and Enmedio coves are wonderful as it is a totally virgin and paradisiacal environment.

Cabo de Gata Natural Park Almeria, Spain (May 2021)

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