The temple of the crocodile god in Egypt

Not long ago, a temple dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god. Since then it has become one of the most interesting and visited places in the country and the most visited in the Al-Fayium region which is where it is located. Officially it is known as the temple of Medinet Madi although almost everyone knows it as "The temple of the crocodile god".

In this temple you can find a great avenue that is flanked by sphinxes and lions They are kept in perfect condition, in addition to which you can visit an incubation chamber for the eggs of the crocodiles, an element that was considered sacred. In fact, the sacred crocodiles They were mummified and in the temple you can find a very interesting exhibition about it.

The god Sobek was one of the most important in the Ancient Egypt, a god that is represented with a human body but the head of a crocodile and that is supposed to have created the Earth by laying its eggs. Crocodiles were originally considered a plague in the waters of the Nile, so this god was intended to change those feelings.

This temple is about 30 kilometers from Medinet el-Faiyum And the best thing is to hire a guide to go since in that region you can get lost very easily. Without a doubt it is a worthwhile visit since you will discover a lot about the great importance that the crocodiles of the region had and also about how history was in that part of the country. A fascinating journey in which you will also discover how the inhabitants of this place went from hatred to love with crocodiles thanks to this god.

What an experience, The Temple of Kom Ombo - Crocodile God Sobek (April 2021)

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