Ride a camel through the Pyramids of Egypt

The camels they are a very common form of transportation in Egypt, and many people often use them for excursions through deserts and sandstone terrain. If you are going to visit the famous Egyptian pyramids It is highly recommended that once there you take a camel ride, it is one of those must-do activities like others that you can find around the world (a boat ride on the Seine, a gondola ride in Venice ...).

It must be said that before there were many camels around the Pyramids to be able to make the excursion, but due to the harassment of many camel drivers to tourists to hire them, the government decided to restrict their access and now they are in the desert area but also with the landscape of the Pyramids so it is an ideal option. I remember that my mother did this excursion some years ago and she was delighted, and I did it in the Canary Islands and I must say that it is fantastic the feeling of being on a camel and having a wonderful landscape around.

When hiring a camel ride in Egypt You have to be careful with the prices and with the time they offer you, since in many cases it tends to be very expensive so you will have to negotiate so that it compensates you and you do not feel cheated. The best thing is that you negotiate directly with the camel drivers since if you hire the excursions that the hotel offers you, it will always be more expensive. There are numerous excursions of different times and they will always offer you the most expensive first, so go negotiating until you find the one you really want not only for content but also for price.

It is clear that the price can vary a lot from one person to another since it is not only based on your arts in the negotiation but also on the time of the year or the company that you are going to hire for the excursion. What I can tell you is that it really is worth it because it will be a unique experience and in a unique landscape. Try to take one that has enough time to enjoy it, that many times we take the cheapest ones and for a little more we would have enjoyed it differently.


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