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Gangtok It is located east of Sikkim, India, and is the capital. Sikkim It is an independent country ruled since 1641 by a hereditary monarch, the Chogyal, and joined the Indian Union in 1975, making it its second state. With the Kanchenjunga at 8,534 meters in the world (third highest mountain) and the love of the people, Sikkim has become a very popular tourist destination in recent years.

Gangtok, is a altitude At 5,800 meters, it was built on the side of a hill and can easily be reached by road in a four or six hour trip from Darjeeling. There is no rail connection. Gangtok has the atmosphere of Himalayas characterized by being remote and mystical. However, one should not forget the touches of modern bustling city that it has.

This face of modern life has unfortunately also left its mark: overcrowding of buildings, traffic jams, beggars and landfills. The latter is truly the most important nightmare of many destinations tourist from India. One of the most recommended hotels is the Sonam Delek which is located on Tibet Road. This is a fairly good hotel, with rates not entirely unreasonable. The staff is very friendly and the food restaurant It is outstanding.

The city It is a very busy place full of shops, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, Internet cafes, etc. You can walk around the city but it can be a bit tiring. What you can do is hire the services of a cabbie local that makes you a good tour of all corners.

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