Travel to the Galapagos Islands

We have already spoken on several occasions about the wonderful landscapes and paradises that exist around the world and that offer you the perfect vacation according to your tastes for traveling. You can choose big cities, small charming towns, paradisiacal islands ... And today I would like to talk about this last point since we are going to travel, even if only mentally, to Galapagos Islands.

Belonging to Ecuador, one of the South American countries with more and better natural landscapes, these islands are famous throughout the world and millions of people visit them every year. In addition to its spectacular beaches, its giant tortoises are also very famous, and you can see them in many of its waters, also enjoying seeing them in their natural habitat. It is about 1,000 kilometers from Ecuador and the easiest way to get to them is from Quito or Guayaquil. A spectacular Natural Reserve of turtles that was declared World Heritage in 1984.

The Galapagos Islands are made up of 15 islands and there are 2 airports, the one in San Cristóbal and the one in Baltra. Baltra is the one with the most flights since it is in Santa Cruz, the island with the most hotels, a more complete tourist area and where most tourists go. If you want only tranquility, the best thing is that you go to another island since it will be equally paradisiacal but much calmer.

By being part of a National Park You will have to pay a tax when you visit it (as long as you are a foreigner). They are about $ 100 and a transit fee of about $ 10 that will allow you to move between any of the islands. There are many routes to get to know the different islands, and normally in 2 days you can see them all, although if you want to enjoy them to the fullest, it is best to stay there. A stay of at least 4 nights will give you time to see them all calmly and also to enjoy them.

On these islands you can make many excursions, and the most famous are those of lava volcanoes, the Turtle Bay or the Charles Darwin station (studies are carried out there to protect all the animal species that inhabit the islands). You also have other excursions such as going to the Garrapatero beach, Bartolomé Island or the Bahía Tour, which is a route that takes you to several nearby islands in a boat.

How To Get To The Galapagos Islands (May 2024)

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