Backpackers safety tips

More and more people are choosing backpacking, an ideal option since you will not have to carry large luggage and you can move more comfortably from one place to another. A backpack with just enough for a few days and always looking for the cheapest accommodations, which are usually hostels, and the means of transport that are also like the bus or the train.

It is a very beneficial practice but it also requires extreme Safety precautions to avoid robberies or any bad drink. You have to be very careful, especially if you travel with valuables such as a laptop, camera, lots of money, etc. Many people see backpackers as an easy target for robberies since they always carry all their belongings with them, but if you are careful you will have no problem. Take note of these backpacker safety tips:

Four essential tips

- Use padlocks on backpack, especially in the departments where you carry valuables. It can be a bit heavy having to be opening and closing every time you want to use it but the truth is that it compensates you since you will make sure you have everything safe. You don't need to put them in the little ones if you don't have valuables there.

- Take one inner belt bag To keep all the money, it is not recommended that you carry it in your backpack, and if you do, it should always be in an inside pocket so that its access is not easy. It allocates the interior pockets for money and important documents such as the DNI, the passport or the passages for the transport.

- Do not use too much in open spaces electronic devices expensive like music players, modern phones or computers. The best thing is that you do not take them since you take away a concern, but if you are still going to wear it, use it in discreet places. The best thing is that the laptop also goes in the backpack and not in a separate one since it will be another element to worry about.

- When you take something out of the backpack, keep it always watched if you leave it open and try not to do it for a long time. Open and close it every time you use it, it is somewhat uncomfortable but you will make sure that nothing is stolen from you, that many times we think that having it next to it does not happen anything but there is a lot of "artist" out there.

How to STAY SAFE while SOLO TRAVELLING (April 2024)

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