The key dates you cannot miss in France in 2020

France It is one of the main destinations for Spanish tourists. And it is one of the closest, in addition to having many points of interest to visit and tour so it is common to travel to the neighboring country on more than one occasion. Beyond Paris and the most well-known and popular tourist spots such as the Louvre Museum or the Eiffel Tower and even its own capital Paris, there are other places from great beauty and in which every year they are celebrated events well worth a trip. Here we tell you some places and what you can do in them. And it is that, whether you have already been to France before or if it is your first visit, they are very good options to consider.


Normandy is one of the most beautiful areas in France, thanks to its coasts which are truly impressive, as well as its characteristic beaches and harbors. A must visit in this area is the Mont Saint Michel, surrounded by water and in which their attention is drawn old streets that keep all the appeal of yesteryear.

Other points of interest are located in the city. For example, among the possible options, there are the historical traces of Fall and the Unesco World Heritage Site of Le Havre, which is very famous for post-war architecture.

You can also walk the streets of Rouen, which transfer to medieval, and enjoy one of the great dates in this area of ​​France: the granville carnival, which is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco and held from February 21 to 25. There are four days in which the floats take to the streets among satires and costumes.



Near the Mont Saint-Michel area, you will find Rennes, which is full of religious buildings, which culminate in San Pedro Cathedral which is also the only example of a Roman basilica in Brittany.

In this city, which is very modern and in which there is a lot of life university, the call is celebrated Transat en ville. During the months of July and August, a free festival with concerts, animations, night visits outdoors… In addition, in November, it hosts another key event. It is the turn of the Youank Festival in which you can get to know the culture and Breton dances.


Continuing with Brittany, the tour takes us to the city of Nantes, which is known, among many other things, for having been born there Julio Verne. Today it is still a capital very cultural, which hosts important appointments such as Le Voyage à Nantes, which takes place from July 4 to August 30.

It is a cultural event - in its broadest sense - that allows you to discover poetry, artists, designers, architects ... who exhibit their works and know-how in ephemeral installations in full street.

Loire Valley

Another alternative to visit France is the Loire Valley. This year is a special destination because the 20th anniversary of your statement as World Heritage.

It is an area characterized by a patrimonial wealth very varied that is present in its different towns, which give off culture Y environment. More than recommended visit is the Castle of Chenonceau, where Catherine de 'Medici lived. In addition, on summer nights, the gardens are illuminated to the rhythm of music and various alternatives are offered such as themed dinners.

The proposals in the Loire Valley also go through Le Goût l’art, l’art du goût, which takes place at the Château du Riveau from April 1 to November 30. On this occasion, the acts will revolve around the gastronomy, which is combined with the presence of artists exploring the art of the nature.

In addition, at the beginning of September - on the 5th and 6th, the 22nd edition of the Tomato festival. Precisely this year, Spain is listed as a guest country. A key event for lovers of this vegetable and to discover more than 700 varieties that exist through different activities.

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