Visit the Cabárceno Park in Santander

The Cabárceno Natural Park It is a wonder of nature found in Santander, being also one of the most visited natural parks in the north of Spain. Its natural environment is spectacular, with mountains, vegetation, lakes and gorges with rocky shapes that are very beautiful. It is located about 15 kilometers from Santander and covers some 750 hectares, located in a place that was formerly a mine.

It is an environmental recovery project that is located in an impressive geological landscape. They inhabit more than 120 species of animals different and from all continents living in semi-freedom in fenced areas that perfectly recreate their natural habitat. Among the animals you can see are bison, donkeys, ostriches, horses, kangaroos, deer, zebras, roe deer, dromedaries, elephants, fallow deer, gorillas, hippos, jaguars, giraffes, lions, llamas, wolves, bears, tigers or rhinos.

In addition, the park has a reptilian Spectacular where you can see all kinds of snakes, including the best known poisonous species, such as cobras, rattlesnakes or giant snakes. Turtles also live there and lizards. There are several routes designed so that you can get to know the park much better and so you can enjoy the nature that you like the most.

The routes They are mainly designed to enjoy the animals and the vegetation, and it is that seeing the animals in their habitat is one of the great claims of the park. One of the routes takes you to see tigers, yews, alcomoques and walnuts. Another hyenas, wolves, birches, linden and beech. In another you will see several chestnut, lion and pine trees. A wide variety of routes so that if you do not have much time you can see directly what you want, although it is best to spend the whole day there to see as much as possible.

Cantabria and the Cabárceno Natural Park (July 2024)

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