Dajipur trekking

Situated in the middle of the dense forests of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg, we find a small town called Dajipur. Trekking in this area near the waters of the Radhanagari dam is a great experience that most athletes they can not get lost. It takes 3 hours to reach Dajipur from Kolhapur, and it turns into an 8 hour trip from Pune. The undulating topography offers spectacular views of the area.

The dam Built by Radhanagari Shahu Maharaj in pre-independence times, it has added a much greener touch to natural beauty. The Indian bison (Gaur) is located in Dajipur and is one of the main attractions tourist. It must be said that for those who want to have a relaxing holiday, Dajipur is not the best solution.

The vehicles They can appear out of nowhere along the trails, so trekking can be difficult to practice after getting started. The interior of forests, like any other pristine and evergreen region, offers a lonely atmosphere and fresh which is quite nice. The only thing that can take us to the heart of the jungle is walking.

The best time to observe bison it is the first hours of the morning. In the monsoon season, you can even see herds of bison soaking. The evergreen forest does not make you feel tired. It is not normal to dehydrate unless you are not carrying any water. It is best to hire the services of a good guide to do trekking.

Radhanagari (Dajipur) Wildlife Sanctuary | शिवगडचा ट्रेक |Part-1 (January 2021)

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