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In the Chinese province of Fjian is Fuzhou, province capital and the economic, political, logistical and cultural center of the same. It is at the bottom of the river min and it is one of the most attractive and beautiful cities in the whole country, although it is not as famous as many others. It is named for the Fu mountain, which is to the north of its location, and it is a very famous city for the hot springs it has and which make a very attractive contrast with modern infrastructures.

It is a city with a very important historical and cultural burden that has more than 2,000 years of experience, although its expansion did not begin until the year 908. The climate is very stable and good, so you can enjoy Fuzhou in any time of the year without fear that bad weather will spoil your vacation. Has many natural monuments, especially mountains like Shizhu, Gu, Baiyan or Xuefeng.

You can also find many ancient temples, both in the city itself and in the surroundings, almost all of them surrounded by immense gardens and lakes, which makes for a really beautiful landscape. Many of them are artificial but equally spectacular, and some of the ones you can see are the Xichan, Linyang, Yongquan, Fahai or Yunju. Ideal to spend a whole day having a picnic or just enjoying the good weather since in almost all you can bathe.

One of the great attractions of the city is the Fuzhou National Forest ParkIt was called Fuzhou Forest until 1993. It is a protected area since 1960 and the highest hill in the park is 643 meters high, full of more than 2,500 types of trees of different species and that come from both China and from other countries. Some of the trees you can see there are the poplar from lombardy, the araucaria, the Chinese pine, the Ceiba, the camphor or the metasequoia. It is the only place in the world where you can enjoy such a large variety in an area of ​​this size.

This must-see park is divided by the Longtan stream. On the one hand there is the area where you can see all the trees and which also has several gardens, palm trees or rare plants. In the other area you will find a spectacular cultural landscape in which there are roads from different times and various monuments, such as the tomb of Liu Bingxin or the Zhengxin temple.

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