The island of San Andrés in Colombia

The Island of San Andres, in Colombia, It is one of the most paradisiacal Caribbean destinations you can find, and that almost everything there seems like paradise. Completely crystalline waters, infinite white sand beaches, diversity of cultures and a lot of nightlife is what this place offers to all its visitors. Ideal to get the perfect mix of relaxation, leisure and culture.

Different ethnic groups have inhabited this island throughout history, that is why there is such a varied and attractive culture that you can especially appreciate in its customs, cuisine and music. Especially the British and Indian colonies left a lot of mark, so in this sense you find many similarities with Jamaica. It was founded by Spanish so something of ours has also been impregnated.

San Andrés is about 700 kilometers northwest of the Caribbean coast Colombia and is part of an archipelago that has several islands, some of them well known as Providencia, Cotton, Serranilla or Cay Cangrejo. It is very well connected with Colombia and all of Central America, especially by air since there are many companies that fly to it. From Spain you can travel to Bogotá and there take another plane to fly to San Andrés.

That of St. Andrew It is the largest island in the archipelago although it is only 13 kilometers long and 3 wide. It is almost all flat although it has some very high point such as the cliff called "El Cliff" and which is spectacular, also located in a very natural environment. Most of the commercial activity on the island is found in the northern part of the island and there you can find restaurants, hotels, bars, shops and some other entertainment venues.

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