Corn Islands in Nicaragua

The Corn islands (Corn Islands), are two islands that were discovered by Christopher Columbus and that are facing each other on the Nicaraguan coast and separated by about 70 kilometers of sea. The biggest is the call Big Corn Islandwhile the other one is called Little Corn Island. Both add up to about 13 square kilometers that have hardly any population, so they are perfect for a quiet vacation with hardly any people.

These two islands are one of the small paradises that you can find in the Caribbean and that in their day they were invaded by pirates, later managed by a British protectorate, then by the United States and since 1971 belong to Nicaragua. Spanish and English are the predominant languages ​​so you will have no problem communicating.

In the small island is where you find yourself one more territory virgin and rustic, while in the big one there are more population, infrastructures and services. In both you can find spectacular natural landscapes and paradisiacal beaches that are perfect for relaxing both alone, as a couple or as a family. Little by little they have been growing since each year they exceed the number of tourists, thanks in part to its beaches but also to the Coral reefs or activities like diving or snorkeling.

One of the best things about these two islands is that they still do not receive large masses of tourists, but with the growth they are having they will become the most visited in a few years. On the small island you have few accommodation options, just a few cabins but they are ideal for a relaxing holiday. In addition, there are neither paved streets nor any modernity such as telephones or Internet, so to disconnect from the madding crowd it is perfect. On the big island you do find more services and many things to do, in addition to several restaurants and leisure places to combine relaxing holidays with some animation.

Corn Islands in Nicaragua (March 2023)

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