The best National Parks in South America

When we choose a destination for vacations we usually opt for the beach if what we want is to rest or for the city if we want to know different places and cultures. The natural tourism It is increasingly fashionable and the truth is that there are countless natural places that you can visit during your holidays to discover some of the wonders that Mother Nature did in her day.

In South America you will find many Natural Parks where you can enjoy a unique landscape and combine it with different activities such as hiking or horse riding or cycling. Protected areas with a lot of charm that will undoubtedly make your vacation a very special experience. Take note of the best Natural Parks in South America:

Cotopaxi National Park of Ecuador: In this country you can find a great diversity of flora and fauna, very present also in this park where you will also find the famous Cotopaxi volcano, one of the country's greatest attractions.

Tayrona Natural Park of Colombia: It is one of the most famous and is in one of the areas belonging to the Caribbean, with many mountains and crystal clear waters, which are its main attractions.

Canaima National Park of Venezuela: Here you are, probably, with the most spectacular natural landscapes of Venezuela. Highlight the Angel Waterfall, a waterfall famous throughout the world and which is one of the great attractions of South America. In Venezuela there are more than 40 Natural Parks so wherever you are you will find one.

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park of Chile: It is the greatest Chilean natural treasure and the perfect way to get to know the Andes and enjoy all the natural surroundings that they offer you.

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