Traveling to Tulum in Mexico

The only Mayan city that is built next to the Caribbean is Tulum, a true wonder in which you can contemplate the Mayan ruins in the middle of a spectacular sea paradise. A city that I have been lucky enough to be in and that is a joy if you like culture, history and natural beauty. A place where you will not stop being with your mouth open at every step you take of how truly spectacular each landscape is.

This city is in the Yucatan Peninsula, about 145 kilometers south of Cancun, one of the main destinations in this country. Less than two hours by car or bus and it is a totally recommended excursion since there are many things that you can see one day and that you will not regret. In addition, there is also a lot of hotel area so it can become your main destination since it also has many beaches, all of them spectacular as any you find in the Caribbean.

In Tulum you will find a main avenue that is where almost all the commercial life of the area is centered and where there is Craft shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, bus station, banks and much more. It is a city with a lot of charm and that in its archaeological zone has true wonders.

The greatest interest is in the archaeological zone, which is located on the top of a 12-meter cliff and which has the Caribbean Sea as its main landscape. There you can discover the main vestiges of one of the most important cities of the Mayan culture. Without a doubt, it is a perfect city to combine the Mayan history and the enjoyment of the beaches and that it has in the tulum ruins your best cover letter.

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