The most beautiful villages in Malta

malt It is an island country of the European Union that you have heard on more than one occasion as a tourist destination. It is ideal for those who travel in search of sun and beach, but also for those who want to soak up their culture without losing the opportunity to enjoy the events that are held there year after year.

Valletta, being its capital, is the best known city in Malta. However, it is worth knowing their towns more beautiful, since thanks to them you will take a very good memory of a getaway or a vacation to this very Mediterranean destination.


La Senglea is a town that has been able to resist the various sieges to which it has been subjected throughout its history. Hence, it is considered "the invincible city", since there are many parts that remain intact. You can explore it on foot in a short time starting with Settembru, which is the main street. You cannot miss the views from the top of Forti San Mikel, a 16th century fortification that not only allows you to see Senglea, but also witnesses what is happening in Valletta and Vittoriosa.


Xlendi is a beach town where there are, but that does not mean that it is not worth getting lost in its old streets. It is in the Gozo area and we could define it as a charming fishing village, with bars and restaurants where you can savor the best bites of the Mediterranean.


It is estimated that it was founded by the Phoenicians in the year 700 B.C., which says a lot about the history it accumulates. It became the capital of Malta for a long time because it was easy to protect as it was not on the coast like Valletta. Its baroque architecture buildings will invite you to take out the camera, while in its typical craft shops you will find the best souvenirs from the country.


It is in the center of Malta, so it is not a town that enjoys the same popularity as those with a beach. Despite this, its 10,000 inhabitants are proud to be part of what is known as «The Three Cities«, Where Balzan and Lija are also included.


Marsaxlokk is easily recognized for the pretty colorful painted boats floating in its bay, where the fuss and wars have given way to tranquility and enjoyment. In addition, life is lived with intensity thanks to the markets that are organized in its streets.


It is a fairly important town within Malta, something that one realizes as soon as one contemplates the Fort of San Ángel. Also, its old town is a wonder and explains why one day it became the capital of Malta replacing Mdina.


Is in the gozo island And it is one of those towns that you have to recommend to everyone who is preparing their holidays in Malta. Why? For its beautiful bay, with boats in which more than one would like to get on to discover each and every one of the corners of this small European country. The houses also take their share of prominence, since their facades show off colors that are difficult to ignore.

Bormla (Cospicua)

To speak of Bormla is to speak of an endless number of battles that were fought for different reasons. Luckily that today is too far away and in, which is how the town was previously known, the Firenzuola and Margherita fortifications sightings celebrations and trade pacts that explain why it is one of the most prosperous places in Malta.


What most attracts the attention of the tourist in Ghaxaq is the parish church of Santa María, a building of considerable height that shows how important religion is in this town. It is not the only one in these parts, although the rest are smaller and more discreet. The house of the shells is another of the places that you must mark in fluorescent so as not to miss it.


It is a very traditional Maltese town in which the passion for fishing is evident, although it is no longer carried out with the same intensity as years ago. It is highly recommended to go there at the end of July, since that is when the Santa Ana party.

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