Tourism in Aveiro, Portugal

One of the most beautiful cities in Portugal is Aveiro, which is 68 kilometers south of Porto and 58 kilometers north of Coimbra. It is a town mainly oriented to agriculture and fishing, especially between the areas of the Ria Aveiro and the Vouga River. With a population of almost 60,000 inhabitants, 15,000 of them are students of the Aveiro University, one of the most important in the whole country.

This city is also known as “The Venice of Portugal” thanks to being bathed by numerous channels, bridges and ships, the latter called moliceiros and which are very similar to the typical Venetian gondolas. The great charm of this city is in its coasts and in its impressive golden sandy beaches, such as Sao Jacinto, Barra or Costa Nova.

In Aveiro there is a humid climate and temperate which is cool in summer and not too cold in winter. In autumn and winter it is very windy, so it is the ideal time to visit it if you like windsurf or kitesurfing, as well as to do a regatta or ride a sailboat. In the sixteenth century it was an important medieval port that ended up leaving the area very swampy, although in the nineteenth century it managed to recover all its communication by sea and begin to look as it does now.

The city achieved very important infrastructures thanks to being one of the venues for the Euro Cup in Portugal in 2004, having from that moment on a new football stadium, several luxury hotels and various buildings that are still very successful today, in part thanks to the effort that the inhabitants make to maintain them.

In the Convent of Jesus, built in the XV century, there is the Aveiro museum, one of the most interesting in the city and dedicated to Princess Juana (daughter of Alfonso V). The young woman lived from 1475 until she died in 1489 to prevent her father from imposing on her a man to marry. You can see several sculptures and paintings that take you to know all its history.

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