The best beaches in Panama

Taking a tour of the coast of Panama you can find spectacular beaches that will undoubtedly offer you an ideal destination for your vacation. Coral reefs, crystal clear waters, white sand and palm trees are common elements on all beaches, offering a wonderful landscape to everyone who comes near them. There are so many beaches that you will find the perfect one whatever you are looking for.

There are many Panama beaches, so I have prepared a selection of the best for you so that you know what you can find in each of them. Take note:

Santa Clara beach: It is in the province of Coclé, more or less an hour and a half from Panama city. It is a small paradise with beautiful blue waters, white sand and many cabins where you can stay to live a different vacation always on the same beach.

Farallón beach: It is in the same area as the previous one and it is an ideal beach both for swimming and for practicing some water sports. There are also several hotels around here with all the necessary comforts to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Juan Hombrón Beach: It is one of the longest beaches in the country and is surrounded by white sand that includes a camping area. Ideal for both a family vacation and a romantic trip. Camping is an experience, as soon as you open your eyes you will have before you a landscape like no other.

Río Mar beach: On a small beach but with all kinds of details. Ideal if you like to surf since it has very good waves and the best surfers in the country travel there.

10 Most Breathtaking Beaches In Panama (June 2020)

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