Travel to the Isla de Coche in Venezuela

The Car Island It's in Venezuela, specifically to the south of the Island of Margarita and to the east of that of Cubagua. The set of these three islands forms the only state in Venezuela that is totally insular: Nueva Esparta. The island of Coche covers almost 40 kilometers and in it you can find spectacular landscapes and many inhabitants who dedicate themselves to the sea.

Coche has a dry environment and a very pleasant climate all year round (around 28ºC on average), so it becomes the perfect destination to enjoy its many beautiful beaches. It has about 8,000 inhabitants who live mainly in towns such as San Pedro de Coche (the largest urban nucleus), Güinima, El Bichar, El Guamache and El Amparo.

The main Coche beaches They are La Punta, Coco and San Pedro, and in them you can find kilometers of golden sand and crystal clear waters perfect for practicing various water sports. It is an ideal destination for windsurfing lovers since there is always wind, very strong at times.

The All-inclusive hotels They are very famous in Coche and in them you can find everything you need to make your stay on the island perfect. In all the hotels you can find services for outdoor activities such as jet ski rental, kayaks, rowing boats, quads or diving excursions. You can also rent mountain bikes to discover the island in your own way and enjoying its most beautiful landscapes.

For get to Isla de Coche, the most normal thing is to do it from Margarita, which has an international airport and thanks to a ferry you can go from one to another in a very short time. The transfer between both islands is usually included in the hotel package that you hire and the ferry service covers you both on the way out and on the way back. If you are traveling on your own, try to book the ferry in advance as there are always a lot of people.

There are many tourist companies on the island that offer various excursions, and the one that strikes me the most is that of being able to tour the entire island in a single day. These excursions are made by catamaran and depending on the one you choose you can also snorkel, visit souvenir shops or take a walk in some of the stops that have been arranged.

Isla de Coche - Venezuela (January 2022)

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