Lake Constance in Germany

One of the most attractive areas of Germany is where the Lake Constance, who is called colloquially but whose official name is bodensee lake. It is born on the border of Germany with Switzerland and Austria and all its surroundings have great cultural beauty, in addition to a very important cultural heritage. Here you will also discover the most beautiful medieval corners of the country.

In all the towns that you will find on the shores of Lake Constance you will discover innumerable vestiges of other times and other cultures, with summer being the best time to visit since it is when the most local festivals are celebrated. In addition, in the lake you can practice various watersportsSo if you like these sports it is the ideal place to combine them with a spectacular landscape.

The best way to enjoy all the beauty of the lake is to take a road route to get to know not only landscapes but also various towns. Lindau It is the first town that you will find on this route, a place that has many historical buildings and that has been chosen as a Historic Monument as a whole. In its streets you can see the Roman heritage and it is a fishing village where its old lighthouse, the Magturm, is still preserved, in addition to the new one, the Neuer Leuchtturm.

Other towns that you can find along the way are Mainau, Wasserburg and Constanza, and the total journey by car does not exceed 2 hours so you can spend time in each of them. Mainau It is a small island that you can go to by ferry from Meersbug, a small baroque town that is not very far from Lindau.

In Wasserburg You will find fantastic landscapes, especially if you like photography since they are the typical postcard images. Not only will you see natural surroundings but there are very striking buildings, such as a church that has a beautiful tower. By last, Constance It is the largest city in the region and has a very beautiful Romanesque cathedral.

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