The best beaches in Tunisia

Tunisia It is a country where you can enjoy a lot of things like its culture, climate, nature, gastronomy or various monuments. You can also enjoy many beaches, there are also different types and with different services so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Today I would like to talk to you about some of the tunisian beaches, specifically those that are considered the best. Although it is a country that offers many things to visit, it never hurts to spend a couple of days off on a beach. Take note of the best beaches in Tunisia:

Tabarka: It is on the north coast and is a true natural paradise very similar to the Mediterranean. It has several coves and beaches with fine sand and crystal clear waters. It has a great variety of underwater fauna so it is a perfect place to practice sports like snorkeling, diving or scuba diving.

Djerba: It is on an island off the Tunisian coast and is ideal for a relaxing day enjoying the sun. A Mediterranean beach but with the finite sand so characteristic of the islands. They have many hotels with all kinds of prices and services.

Sousses: It is on the east coast of Tunisia and it is a small but charming and very beautiful beach. It is two hositas by car from the capital and this area is known as "the pearl of the Sahel" because it has very good weather throughout the year.

Monastir: Located a few kilometers from Sousses beach, here you will find crystal clear waters, golden sand and all kinds of services to make your beach day relaxing or fun, whatever you feel like.

Top 15 Best Beaches In Tunisia, 2020 (January 2022)

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