The best plans to do in Prague

Prague, the medieval capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most beautiful and enigmatic cities in Europe and, for that reason, it is worth squeezing it to the fullest. To get the most out of it, here are some of the best plans you can do in this central European city.

Sightseeing tour of the city

One of the best ways to get to know the city is to do a free tour in Prague with GuruWalk. The offer of walks is very varied and complete and all visits are in Spanish and guided by graduates in History or Art History, so that you do not lose detail of what most interesting in the city: its famous castle, the Charles Bridge, the Old Town –Stare Mesto-, the Jewish quarter of Josejov, the New Town –Nova Mesto-, the Dancing House of Frank Gehry… There is a lot to see in Prague and a free tour will give you about their essential places.

Czech gastronomy

Visiting a country requires testing your gastronomy. You can't come back from Prague without tasting the vepro-knedlo-zelo, roast pork with pasta; the svícková, marinated loin; the spanelsky ptácek, a stuffed meat roll; kulajda, a soup of mashed potatoes; or the knedlíky, some flour dumplings.

Try one of the many Czech beers

In Prague it is mandatory to drink Czech beers, the country's star drink and one of its hallmarks.

Beer lovers will go crazy in Prague, where they will be able to taste from more well-known and “normal” beers, such as Urquell Pilsen or Budejovicky Budvar, to others much more bizarre and risky, such as Svatý Florián with a flavor of smoked meat and almonds or the Porter de Pardubice that tastes like chocolate. These are just a few examples of the many beers you will find in Prague and the Czech Republic.

Of course, you cannot miss a visit to U Fleku, the oldest brewery in the city, active, nothing more and nothing less, than since 1499.

The Ghosts of Prague Night Tour

You can take advantage of the night to make a spooky route. Prague is a mysterious and enigmatic city that hides a dark and unpleasant past, which makes superstitions and legends related to ghosts soar over it. Believe or not in the spirits and energies from beyond, you will experience a peculiar visit in which you will experience "different" sensations.

Obecní Dum

Obecní Dum is the Municipal House of Prague. An art noveau building where concerts are also given - music is very present in the Czech capital - and that oozes culture everywhere. Plus, their cafeteria has great coffee and delicious cakes to try.

Black theater show

The black theater in Prague has become world famous. These are silent shows that are performed on a black stage in which lights and shadows are used to create attractive and surprising images.

Concert at the Lobkowicz Palace

The Baroque architecture Lobkowicz Palace is located in the castle area and dates from the 16th century. In 2007 it became a museum where works by renowned artists such as Brueghel "the Old", Canaletto or Velázquez can be appreciated, as well as original manuscripts of musical compositions by big names such as Beethoven, Haydn or Mozart. With such a sample of composers it is mandatory to attend a concert in this palace. Every day he offers a concert of classical music.

Downtown bars and clubs

Prague is a city that has great nightlife. If you feel in the mood and your body asks you to stop, you cannot miss the opportunity to go out in the area of ​​the Clock Tower and around the Charles Bridge, full of bars and nightclubs, such as Karlovy Lazne or Golden Tree Prague.

The Petrín tower and the Labyrinth of Mirrors

The best panoramic view of the city is in the Petrín tower, a miniature version of the Eiffel tower that is located on a hill very close to the castle. The Mirror Labyrinth is located in the area, a magnificent pastime to go with the little ones and in which the children will enjoy seeing their deformed reflection in the latticework of convex mirrors.

Terezin concentration camp

60 kilometers north of Prague you can visit the Terezin concentration camp, a necessary reminder of the barbarism and vileness of the human being. It is not Auschwitz or Mauthausen, but it is still a terrifying place that should never have existed and in which to reflect on the human condition.

Karlovy Vary Spa Tour

About a 2-hour drive west of Prague is the spa town of Karlovy Vary, one of the best-known in the world since it was a favorite destination for many Central European artists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A perfect place to reset the body and soul of everyday avatars.

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