The best beaches in the Philippines

Located in Southeast Asia, in the western Pacific Ocean, Philippines It is a warm and humid country, with maximum temperatures that can reach 38 degrees Celsius. It is made up of a group of about 7,107 islands and has an unlimited number of beaches. It has a coastline that is twice the length of the United States coastline. The Philippines is home to some of the best Beaches white sand of the world.

Locals are friendly and traveling is cheap. You don't need to stay in awesome Resorts luxury to spend some wonderful days. In the center you can find perfect hotels. One of the main beaches is the island of Boracay, playa White. Boracay is located in the extreme northwest of Panay. The island is known for its beautiful beaches. Playa Blanca is a 4 kilometer long beach. Its sands are white, calm, crystalline and warm.

Snorkeling and diving are the big attractions. The beach is ideal for people who want to enjoy resting without leaving the urban comforts. Another of the beaches is the NestPalawan. This has wonderful seascapes that are probably the best in the Philippines. The island is home to a large number of tropical birds and the Nest soup that is available in the restaurants Chinese.

Also, you can visit the beach in Palawan Secret Accessible only by swimming through a narrow hole. Finally, we also recommend you to the beach Panglao, Bohol. Although small in size, Panglao Island has a lot to offer. It is the best place for a diving and beach vacation. The island is known for its rich biodiversity and has one of the clearest beaches in the Philippines.

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