Travel to Kosovo

One of the European places that is in full growth is Kosovo, a small and beautiful region that became independent a few years ago to become the country it is now, also small but full of places to discover and worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Today I will tell you about the main destinations in Kosovo, in addition to the spectacular beauty of its nature thanks mainly to its green mountains.

Much of the beauty of Kosovo resides in the combination of the 5 cultures that are part of its history and that have left their mark over time. Its capital is Pristine, which is also one of the busiest cities since it can be explored entirely on foot, something that is very useful for any tourist since you don't have to pay attention to the means of transportation. It has just over half a million inhabitants and you can see several very interesting monuments and buildings.

In any city or town in Kosovo you will be able to visit very traditional places that are very close to nature and that have a rural charm Fantastic, with very attractive landscapes and inhabitants who always care that the tourist can have all the comforts they need. The most striking at the tourist level is the architecture, gastronomy, nature and culture, achieving a fantastic offer for any type of tourist.

In Kosovo you can enjoy buildings of different architectural styles, of some delicious typical dishes and that have mostly veal or any other meat as the protagonist, natural landscapes unmatched in which to enjoy breathing clean air in the middle of nature and a great variety of museums in which to discover the history of this small Republic that is still in territorial disputes.


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