Rila National Park in Bulgaria

One of the European countries that gains more tourism every year is Bulgaria, thanks in part to the great offer that they have in adventure and rural tourism, two of the types of tourism that have become more popular in recent years thanks to the need that many people have to experience several adventures of their vacations instead of dedicate only to rest.

In Bulgaria there are great paradises that you cannot miss, like the Rila National Park, one of the great wonders of the country and where you can see plants and animals of different species. There you can enjoy animal and vegetable species of great beauty, as well as spectacular mountain views, and that is that Bulgaria is 30% mountain ranges.

This Natural Park is located in the southwest of the so-called Rila Mountains, and there you can also find the historic Rila Monastery, in addition to various routes specifically designed to practice various activities such as mountaineering, hiking or trekking. If you go in winter time you can also practice skiing since there are several tracks.

One of the most beautiful places you find in the Rila National Park is the Skakavitsa waterfall, which has a 70 meter drop and is the highest in the country. Among the many Rila mountains you can find the highest peak, made up of 18 peaks and 12 of them above 2,700 meters, including Musala, Yastrebets, Irecheck or Mancho.

Also very remarkable are the Musala Lakes, which extend over the whole part of the mountains at different heights, such as that of the Balkans (the highest at 2,709 meters) or the one known as the Frozen Lake and which is one of the most beautiful in the entire park.

7 Rila Lakes & Rila Monastery, Bulgaria in 4K Ultra HD (May 2021)

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