How to cancel a Qatar Airways flight

Talk about Qatar Airways is to speak of one of the airlines with the best reputation in the world. It is one of the least old that flies over the six continents, something that is only possible by offering daily flights to more than 150 destinations in state-of-the-art aircraft.

The Qatari company, which was founded in 1997, has received numerous international awards that guarantee its excellence at all levels, since it has not only been awarded for its efficient business management, but has also valued the customer service customer they offer. That's something you can check yourself if you want cancel a flight Qatar Airways, since they tend to be less difficult and offer more facilities than other airlines.

How can I get my ticket money back?

Qatar Airways offers you two ways to recover the money depending on how you bought the ticket. If you did it through qatarairways.comYou must go to the returns section of their website and fill in the information they request in a form. You can also call +974 4022 0072 or go to one of the Qatar Airways offices to request the return in person. These last two options are the only ones possible if the ticket was obtained at a Qatar Airways office or through the Contact Center.

If you bought the ticket through a travel agencyYou will have to contact the agency that sold it to you to claim the return.

The money, in the event that Qatar Airways is responsible for the return, returns to your bank account within a period of between 14 and 28 days by the payment method you used for the purchase. That is if you paid a fee in which the refund is contemplated, since not all fees allow it.


Changes in the reservation

You can only make changes to the reservation through its website if you purchased a type of ticket that allows it. If yes, you will see a «button appearChange flight»Just below the flight data. You can change flights as many times as the chosen rate allows.

You can only make changes to your reservation when you have booked the flight through or at a Qatar Airways office. If you cannot see the option to change your reservation via the Internet, it is because it is not possible to change it, something that happens when the ticket reservation is in a waiting state, the ticket is registered, the itinerary is too complex (you have booked flights to several cities) or you are going with a discount rate such as those offered to companies or agencies travel.

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