The best beaches in Lisbon

One of the preferred destinations for European tourists is Lisbon, And it is that the Portuguese capital has a lot of things to offer to all kinds of travelers, something that is great for us Spaniards since we are very close. A city where you can find cultural and leisure tourism so that your trip is totally productive.

Today I would like to talk to you about Lisbon beaches, actually from the beaches that are nearby and that you can visit very comfortably if you go to the capital. They are highly recommended since they are the best in the country, so take note and include them in your vacation route:

Carcavelos Beach: It is very close to Lisbon so you will not have to make large trips. It is a small beach with only 1 kilometer of sand that borders the coast, but it is perfect for sunbathing and enjoying a day at the beach.

Praia da Adraga: It is considered one of the best beaches in Europe and is 15 kilometers from Guincho, very close to Sintra. It is a golden sand beach that is located between hills, which gives you a spectacular landscape when you go towards it through the mountains.

Costa da Caparica: Here you can enjoy about 30 kilometers of beach, without a doubt one of the best you can find in the surroundings of the Lisbon city. It has golden sand, beautiful crystal clear waters and a lot of night life.

Guincho beach: It is at the foot of the Sintra hills, about 45 minutes from Lisbon and is one of the best in the country for surfing and kitesurfing, so it is the best option if you are a lover of those sports.

8 BEST Beaches near Lisbon, Portugal ???? (May 2021)

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