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malt It is an island country that has been part of the European Union since 2004 and that is in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, flanked by Italy, Tunisia and Libya. Being located in such a strategic place, it has been governed by various powers throughout its history. Despite being a small country, it has a very rich and long history and has some of the oldest buildings in the world, many of them Neolithic temples.

Civilizations such as the Greek, Phoenician, Norman, Arab, Roman, French, Crusaders and lastly the English passed through centuries, during a colonial period that lasted until 1964. Three are the main islands of this small archipelagoAlthough the most important of all is Malta, a very important tourist destination thanks to its spectacular white sand beaches and totally crystal clear waters.

In Malta they have a very modern lifestyle and have a very lively social life, with numerous festivals throughout the year, although the most important ones are held in summer, when they are their festivities, in addition to the carnival season, which is also very special and recommended.

In Valletta, capital of the country, you can admire a lot of fortifications and baroque buildings that are a great attraction for tourists, and it is also very easy to visit the entire city since it is a small city and you can do almost everything on foot. The St. John's Cathedral It is one of the most important buildings since there you can see the work of Caravaggio "The Beheading of Saint John", a painter who lived there for a few months but who was expelled and accused of murder.

It is also very interesting the Palace of the Grand Master the Armory, where you can find some 5,000 armors of the Order of Malta, without a doubt something spectacular. Other places of interest are the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Archeology, the Museum of the Inquisition or the Fort San Elmo, a spectacular fortification that still preserves all the essence of past centuries.

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