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Milan is one of the most important financial and commercial centers in the world, something that all tourists are clear about and therefore all its shops and commercial areas are always crowded. However, you can also do a cultural tourism Very important since there are really interesting monuments that are worth visiting.

Castles, palaces, theaters, sculptures and many more buildings and monuments fill Milan of history in every corner, so here I leave you a few that are a must-see and that you will surely love:

Sforzesco Castle: It was built in the year 1450 and has undergone several modifications throughout this time until it reached the last and most important one that took place in the 19th century. It is an impressive building that houses several interior courtyards, spectacular rooms and many works of art from various periods. There you find some of the most important art exhibitions in the city.

Monumental Cemetery: It was built in 1860 and it is spectacular, with several statues, chapels and works of art that are part of a landscape where you can find graves of important figures of Italian and European culture such as Maria Callas, Quasimodo Salvatore, Alessandro Manzoni or Eugenio Montale.

Royal Palace: It is in Piazza Duomo and some of the most powerful men in the city have lived within its walls since 1100. It currently houses several temporary exhibitions and you can visit it almost entirely to discover what life was like at that time.

La Scala Theater: A dream place for Opera lovers that you should visit even if you are not. Here greats of music like Verdi, Puccini, Bellini, Rossigni or Donizetti debuted. In its facilities you will also find a monument honoring Leonardo da Vinci.

Columns of San Lorenzo: It is the only one from the Roman period that remains in the city and there are 16 columns that face the Basilica of San Lorenzo and date back to the 2nd century, although there are no exact data. An entire Roman temple in the Milanese city.

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