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When we are going to travel by plane almost all of us choose a Spanish airline such as Iberia, Air Europa or Spanair since they are the ones we know best and give us the most confidence, but if you are going to travel abroad and once there you want to fly more to know different destinations Ideally, you should do it with a local airline since the prices will be better and the number of routes greater. In addition, you can also fly from Spain to many of those countries with the same company.

Today I would like to introduce you to some of the most important international airlines so that you can get to know them and look at their flights if you are going to travel to their country. Take note:

American Airlines: It is considered the best in the United States thanks to the efficiency of its onboard service and the outstanding care of its travelers at all times. Moving from one category to another is not very expensive if there are free spaces at the last minute, something ideal since first class offer very interesting services.

British Airways: I have flown with them and I am delighted. They are associated with Iberia, so if the route has an origin or destination in Spain, you may go on one of their planes, which are very comfortable and have more space for all passengers than any other company.

Malaysia: Little known but those who have tried it are delighted with the service on board since they have all kinds of details with their passengers. If you travel first you will do it in an armchair that even has a massage system and wifi ... a wonder!

Qantas Airways: In this company not only comfort stands out, but its on-board meal service is very extensive and also of great quality. The crew will do their best to make you feel comfortable but there are also those who say that the seats are not very comfortable.

Virgin Atlantic: Their planes are wonderful and their seats are very comfortable even if you are a tourist. The food on board has a certain French flair that gives it tremendous quality and that you probably won't find in any other company. It ranks first in the ranking of satisfied customers, probably in part because they give you free alcohol during the flight.

air France: One of the safest in the world and that not only has a crew that strives to keep all passengers happy but the food is excellent. They also have free drinks.

Cathay Pacific: The great advantage of this airline is that they allow you to carry 30 kilos of luggage instead of 20 and that hand luggage can weigh up to 10. Boarding is done quickly and efficiently to avoid queues, something that many should learn others.

Singapore Airlines: The hostesses wear the traditional Singapore dress and are very friendly. The planes are in very good condition despite not being a leading country and all the seats are very comfortable.

Air New Zeland: It is the cheapest of all the ones that I am naming you and even so it is one of the best services they offer, especially as far as food and wines are concerned as they are of very good quality.

Emirates: I have a tremendous desire to travel with this company, thanks in part to movies or reports that I have seen where these planes leave, which seem to me to be amazing because of what the interior is like. Even in tourist you have a screen for you and you can choose the movie you want to see during the flight. A marvel.

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