International student card to travel

One of the great advantages that young people have when studying is being able to use the student card, thanks to which you can get numerous discounts and even free access to certain places. In addition, it has been created in International Student Card so you can use it anywhere in the world and thus get more and greater advantages.

You can take it off from 12 years and without age limit but as long as you are studying in a school, institute, university, etc., and as long as you exceed 15 hours of classes per week. To be able to get it you need a passport photo, the DNI, certificate that you are studying and pay a fee of € 6 so they can issue it to you. Take note of all the characteristics of this card:

- It is accepted in about 120 countries from around the world and almost 5 million students use it every year. It is endorsed by the European Council of Culture or UNESCO, so you can enjoy a lot of cultural tourism thanks to it.

- You can get discounts on plane tickets, train, boat, bus, metro and even in rental cars in all the companies that are members of this promotion.

- You will also have access to emergency services and legal or medical help for 24 hours a day, whatever country you are in.

- Discounts or free entrance in other places like museums, restaurants, cinemas, exhibitions, activities, shops, hotels, etc.

- The validity is from September 1 to December 31 of the following year, so it is a little more than a year that you can enjoy and renew it whenever you want and continue studying.

- You can get your card in the Youth Office of your Autonomous Community and if you have any doubts about where it is, you can call the City Council that will inform you.

International Student Identity Card - ISIC Card (October 2021)

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