Ski in Hungary

We are in full ski season and in the next two months thousands of people will travel to different destinations to be able to practice this sport and enjoy spectacular landscapes at the same time. The best known European destinations for them are several places in Spain, France or Andorra, but there are also others that are less known but not for that reason of lower quality.

One of them is Hungary, a country where you can find a lot of resorts with multiple services and guarantees for quality skiing. I leave you here the best ski slopes in Hungary so that this year you choose a different destination:

Ski Arena: It is the newest in the country and is about 132 kilometers from Budapest, in the southern part of Bakony. There are several tracks, amazing landscapes and services such as restaurant, cafeteria, equipment rental, ski lessons, parking and accommodation.

Yeah park: It is in the mountains, about 110 kilometers from Budapest, and has about 3 kilometers of tracks that are operational during the 3 winter months. It is a complex that also has hotels, amusement park, restaurants and shops.

Kekesteto: It is located at the top of the Mátra mountain range and is the highest ski resort in the country, located just over 1,000 meters. It includes various services such as equipment rental, accommodation, restaurants, cafes and shops.

Dobogóko: It has just over 2 kilometers of tracks that go through a very picturesque forest. You can also go sledding or hiking, as well as cross-country skiing for expert skiers. It is 36 kilometers from Budapest.

Visegrad: It is very close to Szentendre, a town that is less than an hour from Budapest and is one of the smallest complexes in the country but at the same time very charming. You can do circuits with slopes or jumps and there are several entertainment venues.

Eplény - Intersport Ski Resort - Síaréna - Hungary - 4K (January 2021)

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