Historic places in Hollywood

Definitely the mecca of cinema It is one of the most visited and spectacular places in the world, and it is that Hollywood Every year it receives millions of visitors who want to live for a few days surrounded by glamor and dream of meeting one of their favorite stars while taking a walk or having a coffee, something that, although it seems impossible, usually happens. You find plenty of places to visit here, including amusement parks and buildings that have a great story to tell.

Here are some of the historical places of hollywood so you can put them on your must-have list when you visit Los Angeles. Take note:

Knickerbocker Hotel: Built in 1925, the history of this hotel is surrounded by mystery thanks to the death of some of the most important characters in the history of Hollywood cinema. Silent film director D. W. Griffith died in the hotel hall, while MGM designer Irene Gibbons committed suicide in one of the rooms.

Brown Derby: This restaurant was visited by multiple celebrities, especially actors and producers, who closed important contracts tasting their dishes. On the walls were lots of photos and caricatures of artists. It ceased its activity as a restaurant in 1985 and has not reopened, although it is very typical to take a photo in front of the building.

Taft building: The great number of silent films of the golden age of the genre were forged here, in fact, it was built in 1923 to house all the filmmakers who were dedicated to it. Currently there are small businesses and offices and next door they are building a luxury hotel.

Musso & Frank Grill: It is the oldest restaurant in Hollywood thanks to being in operation since 1919. All the scriptwriters in the city met there and one of the corners is very famous for being the favorite of Charles Chaplin. Many legends and stories can be discovered within its walls.

Charlie Chaplin Studios: Chaplin himself built them in 1917 when he had already made enough money and in them there was also what was his private home and which had a swimming pool and a tennis court. From his death it passed through several owners until in 2000 it became the property of Jim Henson Productions.

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