The most dangerous cities in the world

At the time of choose a destination For our vacations we always have to take into account various factors, such as the type of tourism you want to do or the climate you want to have, although you also have to have another very important one, which is security, since this way you will be able to better enjoy your rest days without worrying much about theft or the like.

There are several media that every year publish a list with the most dangerous destinations for a vacation, so today I bring you one of them so you can analyze them and, if it is one of the ones you have chosen, assess whether it is worth it, although of course all the places deserve to be visited. Take note:

Cape Town (South Africa): First of all, it must be said that fortunately the number of homicides decreases every year, but even so the figures are quite high. Since last year's World Cup, they are much more concerned in this regard and want to become a much more serious international city with safe tourism in order to receive more visitors.

New Orleans (United States): Despite having great cultural value and being a wonderful city, it is one of the poorest areas after Hurricane Katrina almost completely destroyed it, making it the capital of robbery and murder in the entire country. It is not recommended to go to desolate areas, much less do it at night.

Caracas Venezuela): A very nice city but one that has always been on these lists as it is known as the murder capital worldwide for having a lot of drug business and gang wars. However, there are many neighborhoods that are safe, so avoid going through troubled areas to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Ciudad Juárez (Mexico): A wonderful place with spectacular natural landscapes but that is invaded by violence and drug trafficking, something that makes it not have the tourism it should for its beauty. The drug cartels dominate the entire city and follow their own laws, which seem to be followed by everyone who lives there.

Mogadishu (Somalia): It is considered the most dangerous city in the world since it is in permanent war and both authorities and travel organizations insist that it is very dangerous to travel there. You can find yourself with terrorism, anarchy, kidnappings, piracy and wars between ethnic groups.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World (April 2024)

  • Caracas, Cape Town, Ciudad Juárez, New Orleans, Somalia
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