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It is clear that in order to visit new york you need a lot of time, especially if you want to see the whole city and discover all its corners. One of the best ways is to organize yourself by neighborhoods, also called districts, to be able to dedicate at least one day to each one of them to see what is most important.

The five boroughs of New York They are connected by bridges, tunnels, highways and by sea. The Staten Island Ferry connects this island with southern Manhattan and is one of the great attractions that are in the city since during it you will enjoy the best views of the Statue of Liberty, from Ellis Island and lower Manhattan. Take note of the best of each neighborhood in New York:

Bronx: It is in the northern part of the city and is the only one located on the mainland. One of its great attractions is Yankee Stadium, which is the place where the famous NY Yankees play baseball and is considered the cathedral of this sport, one of the most followed in the country. Here there are also several very important universities and shipyards. It is the district of the city in which there are more Italians.

Manhattan: Without a doubt the most famous district in the city and visited by millions of people every year thanks to the countless attractions it has, such as Central Park, Times Square or the Empire State. It covers almost 60 kilometers covered and is divided into several sectors, such as the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, the Midtow or the Lower Manhattan.

Brooklyn: Here you will find the widest variety of ethnic groups in the city, and it is a district where a multitude of cultures and nationalities coexist. Among its attractions is a stroll along the Promenade, which is a mall that borders the East River and offers you wonderful views of the Manhattan skyline.

Queens: It is a very important district since it houses two of the most important airports in the city, the JFK and La Guardia (the latter is for domestic flights).

Staten Island: It is west of Brooklyn and separated by several channels, which gives a fantastic landscape. It is ideal for taking a ferry ride and enjoying the views of the city from the water and at a slow pace.

New York City Guide: The Neighborhoods - Travel & Discover (August 2022)

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