Discover Beirut

With friendly people, good food and a fantastic climate, really few things can make the capital of the Lebanon dislike most passionate travelers. Its history spans from the time of the Phoenicians, but Beirut elegantly endures everything it has always had to endure. If we travel to Beirut What should we do?

The first thing is to visit The Corniche which is undoubtedly the best place to meet the population on the spot. You will be able to see men backgammon, teenagers with their friends, young children learning to ride their bike, etc. A hobby It is common for locals to park their car near a public place and play loud music while sharing a hookah pipe with friends and family.

You can to visit lots of museums and historical sites such as the Baalbek ruins, where you can learn about Beirut's history from the Roman period. Shopaholics will also find stores in the area featuring the best-known luxury brands and shopping malls. But the most interesting thing about Beirut is at night. For many it is the most important area of ​​the night life from the Middle East.

The glamor of the city wakes up at night and places like the Skybar they are impressive if you want to be seen. In the SkyBar no matter where you are, you can see everyone perfectly. Prepare to enjoy the great views of the sea Mediterranean, cocktails and the latest trends that will dazzle you throughout the night.

This is Beirut, Discover it for Yourself: City Sightseeing of the Capital - Hop On, Hop Off Tour Bus (February 2023)

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