Excursions to enjoy nature in Mallorca

Now that we are cold every day and Christmas is upon us, it is good to start thinking about what next year's vacation will be like, where we will travel and what kind of tourism we would like to do. One of the best destinations in Spain are the Balearic IslandsAnd it is that there you can find spectacular beaches and landscapes that are wonderful.

Today I would like to talk to you about Majorca and of the natural landscapes that it has, and it is that as much as people think that these islands are going to sunbathe, the truth is that they have much more to offer and there are a large number of excursions that you can do all over the world. the island to discover really special corners. Take note of some of them:

- One of the most beautiful natural landscapes is the Cabrera Terrestrial-Maritime National Park, which is in the municipality of Ses Salines and which has a very rich ecosystem and which is protected in some areas, where access to the public is not allowed.

- In Mallorca you can also visit a lot of caves They are spectacular and with different forms that they have taken because of the different erosions that occurred in each area. In some of them there is artificial lighting so you can admire every detail, and the most famous are the of the Drach, Artá, dels Hams, Genoa or Campanet.

- In the municipality of Son Serra de Marina you have the largest horse ranch on the entire island, called Big ranch and where you can do various activities for all ages and it even has a small zoo.

- Very interesting also Natural Parks of Cala Mondragó (in Santanyí), that of S’Albufera de Mallorca (in Alcúdia) and sa Dragonera (on the island of Dragonera), in addition to the Nature Reserve of s’Albufereta in Pollença.

- It is also worth visiting the Mallorca Aquarium (in Manacor), the Museum of Natural Sciences (in Costitx), the Alfàbia Gardens (in Bunyola) or the Palma Aquarium, which is on the beach of Palma-s’Arenal.

Mallorca Travel Guide: What to do in Mallorca Spain! (May 2023)

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