Routes in the Aragonese Pyrenees

The area of ​​the Aragonese Pyrenees It has many natural spaces and a very wide historical content, being also a fantastic area to practice skiing since there are several stations and also to do various routes either on foot, on horseback, by bicycle ...

The Aragonese Pyrenees is in the northern part of the Huesca province and it has several routes designed so that you can see the best landscapes while playing sports. Take note of the 2 most important routes:

Jaca - Ansó and Done Valley Route: The departure is from Jaca, 75 km from Huesca. From there you go to the Ansó and Hecho valleys, which are in the westernmost part of the Pyrenees and through which you find fantastic views and several picturesque villages.

Jaca Route- San Juan de la Peña - Leyre Monastery- Javier: Also leaving Jaca you go to San Juan de la Peña, where you can visit what was the most important monastery in Aragon in the Middle Ages. From there you continue to the Leyre Monastery, one of the most important monastic complexes in Spain. The route ends in Javier, a town where one of the few castles that has almost all its structures intact remains.

On all routes you will meet spectacular scenery And you will discover all kinds of towns, the ones I like the most are the medieval ones. If you like snow, you can stop by Candanchú ski resort, the most famous in the area and where you will have plenty of slopes and entertainment venues to enjoy a few days of vacation.

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