Spending Christmas in Budapest

The last holiday period of the year will arrive shortly and if you are one of the people who likes to travel during these dates, you will surely love this proposal. I would like to tell you about the Christmas in Budapest and of everything you can do in the Hungarian capital during these special days.

In Budapest They live Christmas very much and, in addition to visiting the typical places of interest that we have already told you about on other occasions, there are places that are only available at Christmas time or that have a special color and decoration during them. Lots of life, such as the city markets. The main markets are the Jokai tér, the Liszt Ferenc tér and the Vörösmaty térThey are in key places in the city and they are dressed exceptionally for Christmas.

In almost all theaters from the city you can find special works or concerts for all kinds of audiences and with Christmas as the plot theme, without a doubt a great option, especially if you are traveling with children. You will also be able to see various performances on the street in different parts of the city, which are decked out for the occasion with lights and Christmas trees.

Of course, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit magical places like the Buddha castle (with special Christmas programming), the most attractive neighborhoods or some of the many spas that exist and that have special promotions during these dates. You can also make several excursions to various nearby towns to learn about the Christmas tradition in different parts of the country.

Christmas in Budapest (February 2024)

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