Marching in Budapest

Travel to Budapest It is a great option since, in addition to being a destination with a lot to offer, it is not very expensive and you will be able to do many more things than if you travel to large capitals such as London or Paris. In the Hungarian capital you can find a wide range of leisure and nightlife, and this is something that everyone there loves.

In Budapest You can find a lot of bars, restaurants and various clubs where you can have a couple of drinks while you watch a musical performance, dance, or just talk and look around you. The fall-winter season is the most successful, thanks in part to the large number of students in the city. Take note of these tips for a night out in Budapest:

- If you want an area that is not very expensive and that has something special you can stop by jewish quarter to have a drink in one of their clubs, where there is always a great atmosphere and the religious tastes of each one do not affect when it comes to going out for drinks.

- The classical music It also occupies a very important place in the city, not only during the day but also at night, and if you stop by the Music Academy it is very likely that you will come across some performance since they usually schedule several a week depending on the time of the year.

- If you are more into jazzYou have very good clubs like "El Barco Columbus", which is in the part of Pest next to the Chain Bridge and where you can have dinner while listening to some of the best musicians in the city playing live. For this you can also go to the «Jazz Garden» restaurant, which also has live music although without such beautiful landscapes.

- To enjoy the best live rock from the city while you eat a good meal and after a couple of drinks, it is best to book a table at the "Old Man's Pub", where there are always concerts and a great atmosphere any day of the year.

Rehearsal of a Marching Band in Budapest (January 2021)

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