Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna

The Austrian capital, Vienna, was for many centuries the seat of the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which means that although there is no longer such an Empire, many remains of it have remained and the city remains an imperial city that makes anyone who visits it fall in love. I myself am wishing I could go, and it is that from seeing several reports on TV she has me totally in love without having set foot in it yet.

In Vienna there are many places of interest and I have already spoken to you about some of them on other occasions, so today I would like to focus on the Schonbrunn Palace, one of the many palaces that are in the city and that is a spectacular place that was an imperial residence and that is one of the most important buildings in the whole country thanks to all the history and culture that it houses inside.

It has a large central patio with an impeccable design in which you can appreciate that even the smallest leaf is in order and in which as a whole everything combines with everything, which makes it a pleasure for the eyes. Have 1,441 rooms of which only 40 are open to the public in the visits they organize and where two stand out: the Hall of Mirrors (where Mozart acted with only 6 years old) and the Great Gallery (where Congress danced after defeating Napoleon.

Exquisite decoration with elements and styles from different periods, if you like architecture, this palace will surely enchant you. On the walls of the ground floor you can see palm paintings, exotic animals and tropical landscapes, a risky combination for anyone but wonderful for this place.

Schönbrunn Palace - Schloß Schönbrunn ???????? Vienna Tourist Guide Travel & Discover (September 2020)

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