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After much thinking and thinking you decide to go on vacation to Indiana. Before arriving, it is recommended that you think about the places you are going to visit to organize your days better, it is a place that has a lot to offer you. Take note of some of the places most interesting things you can visit in Indiana:

- Chain O’Lakes State Park
This small park of 2700 hectares has a series of eleven small lakes, all of which except for three of them are linked by natural water channels. They formed at the end of the last ice age. People go to the park to practice water sports like swimming, fishing and sailing. In winter you can go ice fishing and skating. It has more than 400 campsites and a small cabin village.

- Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
The museum's name is in honor of the three largest producers of classic luxury cars. In it you can find some of the most beautiful cars ever made. Some of the cars on display have belonged to very important people such as oil magnate J. Paul Getty. Most of the cars are from the 20s and 30s.

- Tippecanoe River State Park
The river that borders this park owes its name to a battle that took place in 1811 and gave its name to the motto of the presidential campaign of William Henry Harrison. During the battle, Harrison led the forces to victory in their fight against the Indians. The area has oak and pine forests and swamps with wide areas of sand.

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