Museums in Andorra

The Principality of Andorra Every year it receives thousands of visitors from many parts of Europe who want to ski on its famous slopes, but it also has other types of activities and incentives for you to visit it even if you are not a fan of that winter sport. Among the tourist offers that you can find in Andorra you can find many of a cultural nature, especially museums, and that is that it has a few that are of great interest.

So if you are going to traveling to Andorra and you want to visit the most important cultural places, take note of its most important museums:

Tobacco Museum: It is in Sant Julià de Lòria and is due to an important historical tradition of this Principality such as tobacco. In this museum you can see how the different processes that tobacco goes through to be manufactured, many of them through an innovative multimedia system, which makes it much more fun and enjoyable.

Vall House: It is in Andorra la Vella and is located in an emblematic building that was built in the year 1580. For a long time it was the home of the Principality's Parliament, so entering this place offers you the opportunity to know and understand how it has been and is the political and parliamentary system of this small country.

Perfume Museum: It is in Escaldes and takes a tour of the perfume world so you know how the different essences and aromas are developing. It has an exhibition with more than 1,000 pieces that tells the story of each one of them.

Rull House Museum: It is in Sispony and it is a place where you will go back in time to fully immerse yourself in the life and customs of the typical Andorran family of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when livestock and agriculture were the way to earn the lives of all the locals.

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